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My husband bought me an iron…not for christmas I should add, he just turned up on Boxing Day after picking his boys up brandishing a new iron. He’d decided we needed a new one after the old one leaked stuff on his shirt…odd it never does that with me.

So for once I decided to read the instructions – this caused the ironing to take twice as long as usual as I read the ironing labels on each item and ironed appropriately rather than pressing the lot on high under a damp tea towel. I guess the secret is to organise your ironing by “type” rather than by person as I normally do, or if I’m feeling overfaced and want to reduce the bulk ironing all the jeans first.

The more interesting set of instructions I read today belonged to the sewing machine – I have read them before…once. I was trying to settle an argument with Husband as to whether my sewing machine had a light or not…he suggested the bulb had blown…Annoyingly he turned out to be right, the light bulb was hidden in the internal workings.

I suspect what it actually needs is a proper service but being impatient (sewing machine repair shops don’t tend to be open on bank holidays, don’t know why) I decided to try a bit of DIY from the back pages of the instruction manual…I found all sorts of buttons and switches on the underside I hadn’t known about including taking the bobbin compartment to bits. Also, apparently I should be oiling my machine weekly, daily if it gets a lot of use – how about once in 15 years ?

So it’s been cleaned with a combination of nail varnish remover (to get rid of sticky stuff marks) and window cleaner, brushed and oiled…I even changed my needle (should be changed after each “project”, who’d have thought !).

So any mistakes after this are my fault – can’t get away with blaming the machine.

I’ve also been playing on and off with stitches  – but that’s a bit dull unless you are making something…not sure what to start on – more of that another day.

That’s about as far as I got today as I was playing “carrot and stick” – namely doing something I don’t like (the ironing, cleaning the living room) before rewarding myself with something I do like.


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