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Bye bye 2010

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You are going old year and I am glad for you to go, you have been one year of gloom and misery since the snow of January until the drear grey merk that we have had today.

We tried to end the year on a high note with a walk on the Malvern Hills ( a nod to my childhood) but instead we had a gentle walk around Worcester due to Spider’s very impressive projectile vomit whilst on the M5.

He’s fine now.He was fine and bouncing happily off walls within about 30 minutes of being sick – as is always the way.

It’s been a year of ups and downs. Spider has been one of the many ups as he goes from strength to strength at school (yay, he reads, he really really reads !). Work has had it’s downs, it’s further downs and now hopefully we are on the up – I mourn the passing of a lot of colleagues who are likely to take early retirement but they are probably better off where they are going than living with on going uncertainty.

We have had some good ups family wise – meeting parts of Husband’s family he hasn’t seen for years.

and knitting ? Well knitting has improved – I start next year a better knitter than I ended last year but I need a fresh challenge…we are also, after a week of bad things happening with the car, broke again !

So bye bye and good riddance 2010 and Hello 2011, Hello 40 and Hello the rest of life


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One thought on “Bye bye 2010

  1. I wish we could take into adulthood the childhood ability to vom and then feel shiny and new within 20mins. Never happens!

    Hope 2011 is a vastly better for you, Husband and Spider and hopefully this will be the year we finally meet for tea and scones 🙂


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