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Signs of Procrastination otherwise known as “Lesson 2”

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Those who know me will recognise delaying tactics when they read them so it’s pointless denying it and calling this entry anything else…

I have decided to concentrate this year on learning to sew using The Encyclopedia of Sewing Techniques by Jan Eaton (a charity shop find) and a recent purchase which I’ve not yet plucked up the courage to start The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam which I had on pre-order, 0h and Homemade for a bit of variety away from the sewing.

My self-imposed Lesson 1 was the DIY maintenance on the sewing machine. Lesson 2 involved creating a list of recommended tools from the 3 books, collecting together all these items from the various rooms of the house they’d ended up in and collating them in my lovely new sewing box (present from my Mum along with some goodies – she’d treated herself to a subscription to Sew this year and I benefitted  from the gift).

No picture I’m afraid, and no picture of any of the knitting I’ve finished off recently as we’ve had 3 days of grey ‘orrible merk again but the Box is my colours of black white and red (and cat hair, like everything else in this house).

And then, feeling guilty about not actually doing anything (creative I mean, I’ve been tidying the house on and off)  I spent the afternoon practising handsewing reminding myself about Basting, Uneven Basting Stitch, Running Stitch, Half Backstitch, Whip Stitch, Backstitch, Overcasting, Prick Stitch, Blanket Stitch, a Bar Tack and Tailors Tacks – also tried and made a mess of Diagonal Basting Stitch…

By that time I was bored and will try and find something that uses hemming, slipstitch, tailors buttonhole stitch, blind stitch, herringbone and felling stitch.

The next 13 pages are “seams” some of which will probably get used in The Versatile Book Bag…alternatively I could procrastinate some more and sort my fabric stash out as Lesson 3.


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