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Apart from the handles that is. The bag in question is a “muslin” of the Easy as Pie Tote bag by Lisa Lam made in just over an hour.

Mrs Lacer suggested I made the bag anyway, even though I didn’t need it and put it in the “present” drawer in preparation for next Christmas – and if I make a proper version of this I probably will, but this bag was very much a “get something, anything made” just to break the “fear” and to practice cutting out. You see everytime I make something at the moment I make a mess of the cutting out so I just needed something to break my duck.

You’ll have to trust me I’m afraid, as not only is it too dark to take pictures but my camera is currently lost in the mess that is my bedroom mid decorating…and I have quite a few pictures on the memory card of other things I’ve finished recently


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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