Being Frank…

Accepting my failings


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Today I have:

1. Finished off a hat for a friend joining the merchant navy – half was knit last night whilst babysitting for neighbours until late which is why doing anything today has been a struggle

3. Finished off the last of the pirate tote bags promised to work colleague – note the lining involved getting the sewing machine out.

4. Tidied the dining room so I could get the sewing machine out.

5. Bagged some books up for disposing in 4 different locations

6. Done the ironing – again so the dining room was clear so that I could get the sewing machine out

7. Cut up a sheet as dusters and tester material for patterns – the sheet was about 20 years old and was still going strong until Spider went to bed with a pot of silly putty/slime… we had to cut it out of his hair, had hoped it would wash out of the sheet – I was wrong !

8. Cleaned the kitchen

9. Cooked a roast (which is why I cleaned the kitchen…)

10. Tried to make a bag – I  had the material, a space to sew and a machine – it’s just I’ve managed to misplace the book…

I know, I know, road to hell is paved with good intentions etc etc. Well it is only 7.30pm so there is still time – in the meantime I refer you to no 3 above…I’ve done “a” seam, ok it was still only a small one but I’m sure it counts, doesn’t it ?


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