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Vintage: Patchwork

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I grew up in the south pacific – blue sky, azure waters, sandy beaches and sun…most of the time.  What is sometimes forgotten about tropical paradises though is that the sun doesn’t always shine. Small sun drenched islands have their seasons too…the hot season, the rainy season…the cool season…

The other thing about  islands is that everything has to be imported, if you haven’t already brought it with you…and back then everything was sent by sea. When our tea chests turned up from England they included my Mum’s sewing machine but not heavy woolen blankets. So when the weather turned cooler my Mum turned to her machine in order to create some slightly heavier sheets/blankets for the beds.

This, and another one the same size kept my brother and I warm on cooler evenings – they also kept us entertained as every single patch was a left over from clothes my Mum had made for us (even children’s clothes had to be imported, so you tended to make your own) or was reclaimed material from clothes we’d brought our with us and worn out.

Although there is no wadding/quilting in between the patchwork and the backing material these quilts were still very warm and the day I took this picture I forgot to remove the quilt from the bed. Husband had his worst night sleep in over a year that night as he found himself overheating !


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Cake Baker

One thought on “Vintage: Patchwork

  1. Can’t believe they lasted so long -35 years approx, and only took about a week to make

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