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FO: Easy as Pie Bag

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Last Sunday night I made most of a bag. I am sad to say that it’s taken me most of this week to make the bag straps which is all that I had left to do (thought about them monday, cut them out Tuesday, ironed them Wednesday, ignored them thursday, went out for dinner friday etc etc).

Saturday night I sat  down at the machine and forced myself to spend the 10 minutes it took to seam them  and attach them to the bag…strange isn’t it the way you can put off doing something which takes less time than cleaning your teeth properly ?

Feeling happy with myself for doing it despite the fact the topstiching wobbles all over the place and the boxed stitching isn’t square…feeling relieved actually as I’ve finally  started using my craft books instead of just looking at the pictures

Pattern: Easy as Pie Bag from the Bag Bible by Lisa Lam

Material: An old Bed sheet and the remains of a roller blind ! As mentioned before I wanted this one just as a “rough” sample – partly to break me of the fear of my machine, partly because I want something to measure myself against to see how far I can improve in a year.

Thread: Because I want to clearly see how bad I am I have used orange polyester which I have a lot of (I may explain why one day).

New: Boxed stitching to attach the straps, closed bag straps…

Encyclopedia: This is practicing a standard straight seam

Time Taken: 2 weeks of moaning about it, actual time to make the bag just over an hour.

Photo to follow after about 11am on sunday its almost midnight here, far too dark for pics !


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