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Confessions: Material


Most of the last month has  been spent sorting the house and getting rid of things prompted mainly by the redecoration that’s going on in our bedroom. Decorating during the week is proving difficult due to the fact both Husband and I are worn out after our work commutes.

Part of the tidying has involved working out exactly what material and other accessories I have,writing them down in a book and trying to match them up with things I want to make. Sounds  a bit organised for me really but I want to try and use what I have this year rather than buying anything more so that come christmas I have a pile of handmade presents for various people and can draw a line under the debt.

Anyway in sorting (ironing !) my materials I have realised that a lot of it is either plain or classic prints like dots or stripes…and rather a lot of skull and cross bones.

So here is my confession, I don’t really like prints. More specifically I have realised I dislike a large percentage of Amy Butler (the only one I have ever bought is blue with blue dots) and Cath Kidson prints which I guess puts me out of step with Johhn Lewis and possibly a lot of the sewing magazines out there.

I do like Alexander Henry prints though…but once bought I have no idea what to do with them !

So is it a genuine dislike of prints or is it just fear ?



Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Confessions: Material

  1. Oh that Alexander Henry stuff is nice, I hadn’t seen him before.

    I’m a self confessed print addict but I will admit they can be difficult to use well, specially in clothing. With clothing I like the idea of using a plainer fabric with accents of the bolder designed fabric. Patchwork on the other hand, the louder the print the better! (Although at the moment I’ve been making a series of patchworks with quite old fashioned small print florals, if anything to get them out of my stash though!).

    There’s a good series of posts here about fabric selection. The posts are about kids clothes but there are some good rules that can be applied with anything home made I think.

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