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The older generation leaves it’s fingerprints on the younger generation…sometimes you can spot it. In myself I know and recognise the way I clear my throat is the same noise my Dad makes, my frown comes from my Mum and there are other things…these other things if we spoke about them can probably be traced to generations further back, and because records aren’t kept we can never really know why we do things or behave in a certain way.

In my Husband’s family there are hints from things I’ve heard that maybe the car obsession dates from the early 1900’s and also the love of motorcycles, likewise a certain shortness of temper when people don’t think before they act.

In my son I recognise my bad habits and hazard a guess that some of them come from my parents, some expressions you don’t expect from a 6 year old such as “For crying out loud” and “Oh for god’s sake ” !

But other things I am happy to have given to my son, to have shared…and who knows how far it will go…a certain liking for silly jokes.

Reading Spider’s homework this evening, he is meant to write a story about what he would do if he met an elephant…”I don’t know what I would do if I met an elephant as I don’t know a lot about elephants. I do know some elephant jokes though. I only know 2… How do you fit 4 elephants in a mini ? 2 in the back, 2 in the front…Why do Elephants paint their toe nails red ?…so they can hide in cherry trees…”

I know where those jokes have come from, one from Husband, one from me…both standard responses  during certain silly family discussions…

Spider is definately OUR son…even if he isn’t too fond of Bangers and Mash !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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