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Some people have mice

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Some people have mice who nibble away at the contents of the kitchen cupboards and steal bits of wool and fluffy stuff to line their nests. Some people suffer from moths…mainly a problem for knitters when the moths discover the wool stash. Me, me well I have kittens, OK so they are cats now but they think they are kittens.

My fluffy monsters have discovered the box under the bed where I keep my wool. More than that they appear to have discovered how to take the lids off boxes, made easier by the fact the box is overfull and the lid is straining to stay on. Several times I’ve woken up or come home to a bedroom floor littered with odd balls or have had to rewind a ball that has been unravelled and tangled round the bed legs.

But for no longer. Tomorrow order will be imposed on the house when the wardrobes are delivered. Unfortunately until then chaos reigns and I can’t find anything so I’ve gone to bed with my laptop and the last of my 2010 knitting.

Tomorrow I may have some photos and an update on the sewing which has been a bit hit and miss because I haven’t been able to reach the sewing machine for a week because of the chaos and the fact there is a small boys bike in the kitchen.


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