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Well we are still in a state of chaos here. We have wardrobes which were finally delivered at 7pm sunday evening giving Husband just enough time to put them up and then put the bed back together before bed time – had to wait until the next day to screw them to the wall as using power tools at gone 9pm in the evening is just as anti-social as using a sewing machine before 9am in the morning (only that post is still in draft so you don’t know how considerate I was on saturday…)

I can only knit when I have the PC up and running as I’ve lost the paper pattern for my socks, the ironing is piling up because the furniture is all in the wrong place and I can’t plug the iron in a “safe” place (in other words a place where you are not at risk of piles of books and other stuff falling on you) and I can’t even find the sewing machine let alone the little gadget that will let me up load photos to the computer.

So here we are then in a worse mess then we were when we decided to create order, in limbo, waiting for the weekend when we have the time and energy to finish the painting off.

So this anniversary then ? Well it appears to be the 1st February, January having disappeared amongst the snow, the chaos and chest colds and the 1st February means that I have been a qualified lawyer for yet another year – wait a moment wasn’t I 29 when I qualified ? My god that means, yes I’ve been on the roll for 10 years now, 9.5 of those years with the same employer.

I almost feel like an adult…almost…


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