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Knitting ’til your fingers bleed

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I started a pair of socks with the start of the new month but quickly abandoned them because knitting a pair of grey socks in grey drearsome February turned out to be a really bad idea. Instead I grabbed some cotton in blue and another ball in orange and started knitting a hoodie for Spider.

Knitting mainly during Rugby matches but in between helping with wardrobes, ironing, tidying the kitchen etc I managed to complete 2 sleeves by 11am this morning but I also managed to clock up 10 very raw feeling fingers which I’ve put down to the yarn.  So when Husband suggested a trip to Oxford I was more than happy to put the needles down and stick walking shoes on and blow the cobwebs away looking at the snowdrops in the Botanic Gardens.

We all had a lovely day. But circumstances have led to me retreating to bed with chocolate cake, red wine and knitting…if I had a hot water bottle I’d have that too. Feeling lousy.

On top of everything else a friend texted to say Gary Moore has passed away…which makes me sad, so have added my CD of “Still Got the Blues” for you to the mix – put down the pain inducing cotton and gone back to the grey socks as it didn’t feel right to be knitting in colour

…and besides I do appear to have sustained my first knitting injury, just glad I haven’t attempted an adult sweater in the stuff.


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