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I made something with my sewing machine. In fact I’ve made quite a few things recently (socks, another bag, a heart shaped something or other, another heart shaped thing with lavender) but you will just have to take my word for it until I sort out my inability to upload photographs to the blog at the moment.

The last installment of my Learning-to-Sew adventure found me bemused by all the different sorts of seams and after practising a straight forward seam on the Easy as Pie bag (a picture of which languishes on my camera along with all the others), heading off in search of a project to practice “cross seams” which is where 2 seams meet and are joined together.

It was here I hit a snag. Projects with examples of techniques I want to practice tend to have lots of other things in them (like sleeves or buttonholes) which scare the bejesus out of me. So I’ve altered my plan of campaign.

I will continue to work through the encyclopedia but practice the technique in isolation. In the meantime I’m working through all the beginner projects in my small collection of sewing magazines. This ties in nicely with my attempt to declutter as once I’ve done everything in the magazine I want to do I will get rid of the magazine.

Most of the small easy projects in UK sewing magazines tend to be skirts or dresses for girls. So if I do a good job of it the little girl 2 doors down will get a new addition to her wardrobe…it I make a mess of it I’ll donate it to my Mum to be cut up for quilting.

Project 1 has been a girl’s skirt from the October 09 issue of Sew Hip…despite the fact that this skirt is about as easy as you can get I have to confess that it ended up taking me a whole month due to losing the sewing machine during the decorating and not owning any pink sewing cotton.

Apart from the fact it’s pink I’m quite pleased with it and wish that I was 8 years old (and had made it in red) so that I could wear it.


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