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FO: Easy as Pi(rat)e Tote Bag

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This was written 2 weeks ago but delayed posting it until I found the card reader…

It’s now 4.30pm and still no sign of the wardrobes. Nothing has been achieved in the house by anyone (can’t find knitting pattern, can’t reach sewing machine and don’t see the point of housework when the house is in chaos).

So here’s something I made last week.

It was meant to be the Flat bottomed versatile book bag from the Bag Bible but I ran out of time…we were meant to be at my parents for 10.30am and this bag was for carrying the wine we’d bought as a Thank You present for some neighbours of Mum and Dad who had generously given Spider a big boys bike.

However as we live in a terrace I felt guilty firing up the sewing machine before 9am and I was going very slowly to avoid making a mistake. S0 I decided to skip the steps that flatten the bottom and just go for the normal tote.

Bag is made out of an unfinished skirt…I cut it too short and was going to add a trim in a contrast colour following a suggestion from the Knitted Bear but then I went and lost the pattern and decided the cotton was too stiff for a circle skirt and bunched too much at the hips.

The bottom of the bag is made from a remnant I found in the sale at  local fabric shop…


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