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FO: Cover Girl Skirt

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“So about that skirt ?”

“what this skirt ?”

Pattern: Sew Hip October 2009 – it’s the skirt shown on the cover

Material: Cotton (pink with white dots and the hem is white with red dots)

This is probably the easiest skirt in existence and in truth you probably don’t need a pattern just the waist, and “knee to waist” measurements of the person you are making it for But if you do want a pattern then Oliver and S have a similar free one on their website [here] – which I will probably make later in the week “just because”.

Searching the internet I notice that there are some adult versions out there of the same skirt. Now I am in 2 minds about the subject of elasticated waist skirts for big girls. In “Yeah I made it myself” Eithene Farry states that although this sort of skirt is easy to make only little girls (ie below age 10) can carry it off.  To a certain extent I agree with her BUT I can’t ignore the fact that the 3 best skirts I have ever owned, as in ones that I have worn to death have been elasticated waist skirts.

However I think it is correct to say that a cotton skirt with gathered elastic is best left to those still at junior school. .. or those whose clothing size is “whippet thin/slender”. Those of us with more er, “ample” figures who require something more fitted, just look like we are wearing a large scale gym bag round our middles.

All 3 of my skirts were made of more “forgiving” fabric ( a black knit skirt, a red jersey skirt with a gored construction and the stretch brown sequined skirt with the leopard print elastic ) and all 3 had wide elastic ungathered waists…

I do not however have any interesting and forgiving material in my small stash at the moment (although I have metres and metres of 5cm elastic but that’s another story)..and since I lack confidence I shall stick to children’s clothes for the next 3 months.


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