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Lesson 4.5: Rotary cutters are sharp


I flipped out this morning. Actually I flipped out yesterday it’s just it continued into today.  Got fed up of living in chaos and insisted that we took some time out to tidy up.

It took all of yesterday to get Spider’s toys and boy clutter(rocks, sticks, unidentified things collected from strange places that boys find) under control and this morning whilst clearing the kitchen and dinning room I finally reached my sewing machine again…but then looked at it longingly for 90 minutes whilst I finished the mountain of ironing that had built up.

Whilst clearing I discovered Husband’s cutting mat. Husband used to be seriously into photography, serious in a way that involved  cutting, mounting and framing his pictures…and since I had been given a rotary cutter for christmas (thanks Mum !) I though it was time I brought the 2 together.

It was a timely meeting as I have promised to make 20 small cotton bags by next saturday for the Party… unfortunately despite being very very careful whilst cutting out the sample I then went and dropped the unsheathed rotary cutter whilst putting it away and it landed on my finger.

There was quite a lot of blood for such a small cut but being sharp the cutter cut quite deep.

Normal services will be resumed soon – at the moment I’m sulking and feeling sorry for myself.



Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “Lesson 4.5: Rotary cutters are sharp

  1. Ouch!

    My sewing machine is like your sewing machine by the sounds of it, I have to mount an expedition over assorted household junk that gets stored near by every time I want to use it. Consequently a lot of my embroidered stuff gets stuck at the finished embroidery stage but languishes incomplete because I can’t face unearthing the sewing machine.

  2. To a certain extent the need for “space” to sew is why I tend to go for more compact and portable hobbies…also in this house a wide open space like a table or the sofa appears to be an invitation to people to just put stuff on it…getting bored of reminding people “bags go on the floor, bottoms go on the sofa !”

  3. I went queasy at the thought of that cut. Uugh I don’t feel well- be careful or else !!

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