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Lesson 4: Seams

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It would appear that although I investigated the chapter on seams and went looking for some practical exercises I didn’t write about it so here is the missing installment of my adventure in learning to sew ( travelling without a map).

Seams. If you can seam you can sew right ? After all at it’s most basic sewing is attaching one piece of material to another and what is seaming but attaching one piece of material to another ?

I’ve always been a  bit chuffed over my seaming.  I can’t cut things out neatly, I have problems measuring things properly and squaring material up, I can’t line up patterns in material but my seams look good. Everytime I make something and realise it looks nothing like it should do  I comfort myself with the thought that “well Pen, at least your seam is neat”.

Sew + Press + Snip = Neat seam,  Sew+ Press + Snip + Finish + Press + Snip = Neater Seam, in fact such a neat seam that if it was a boy you could take it home and introduce it to your mother !

It seems though that I have been congratulating myself without reason. OK I have mastered a basic seam “Flat Seam” and “Edge Stitching” (a seam finish) but this just a tile in the mosaic. The Encyclopedia has 12 pages devoted to seams and another 2 pages of finishing techniques…that’s 22 different types of seam  plus 8 ways of Finishing. Holy Cow I’ve been thinking I’m a master seamer when really I’m not even a novice let alone an apprentice !

So Flat Seam. Flat seam I can do, have done recently in the Easy as Pie bag and the dotty pink skirt…tried to photograph it this morning but the skies are so grey that the camera refused to focus on the skirt…got a lovely shot of my neighbours bins through the window though !

French seam…boy do I wish I’d discovered this one before, the french seam is sexy…I just love the finish it gives…but this one needs photos so I’m praying for sunshine tomorrow.


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