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FO: A “green” party bag (french seams)

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Before we go any further I would just like to assure you that I’m not going to take you through all 22 seams (in detail) or write instructions on how to do them…after all I am the least qualified person in the world to give a tutorial on sewing.  But I have gone a little crazy about french seams…I love them…they are so “neat” in more ways than one.

My lovely neighbour the Flapjack Queen thought I had gone a bit crazy when I volunteered to do party bags for the annual Spider/FJP joint birthday party.  “But you hate party bags…you think they are a plastic incarnation of evil”

This is true. Last year we made a stand against the party bag sending the children off with cake and a balloon animal each…but part of me worried that this and my failure to get thank you letters out may have crippled Spider’s social life. So this year I provided party bags…done my way.

I made 15 little bags…normally this would be considered an activity bordering on the masochistic (or insane) but I wanted sewing practice and because I wanted them to look neat inside and out I made them with a french seam (normally when I want the inside of a bag to look as good as the outside I do a lining – but 30 little bags really would be  a labour of love…and I’m not that loving !)

French seams are “enclosed seams” in other words the raw edges of the fabric are enclosed within the seam – a tutorial can be found here. The trick is getting the secondline of stitches close enough to the first line so that it doesn’t look like you have included a second cord tunnel down the side but not so close that the raw edges stick out through the second seam.

The bags themselves are smaller versions of marble bags – surprisingly the most searched for terms on this blog are “How to make a marble bag”  – I once did a spoof tutorial which I appear not to have added the photos too. The party bags have french seams along the bottom and side seams to neaten the inside.

Once made I threaded them with coloured ribbon. Inside we put cake (of course) hair slides for the girls, stars wars trading cards for the boys, balloon left over from christmas and a sweet each.

These bags were cute. These bags were desirable. I know this because despite the fact that as usual all the other parents thought Flapjack Queen had organised the party (this year it was pretty much all me) there was at least 1 little girl who threw a hissy fit when she thought she’d lost her party bag as she left…at least I’d like to think it was the cuteness of the bag that caused the tantrum…but then the hair slides were Hello Kitty (purchased with Boots points) and the Kitty does have a powerful sway over little girls !


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