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FO: “Not” an Oliver+ S Lazy Days skirt

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When I first read the Lazy Days Skirt pattern on the  Oliver +S website I just knew I had to make it…not because it’s free, although that is quite a powerful motivator but because I just loved the construction of it. It takes all the scary bits out of the construction, all the bits that if you forget to do them makes the skirt look “home made” rather than “handmade” and just does away with them.

Number 1: You don’t have to finish your seams off.  The skirt is made from a full width of material and then gathered. The only seam is made by joining the selvages together so the seams are “pre-finished”

Number 2: You don’t have to hem the skirt. The ribbon on the bottom of the skirt is fastened to the underside of the skirt along one side of the ribbon and then the ribbon is “flipped” over to the right side of the skirt and attached, thus encasing the raw unfinished bottom edge.

Number 3: It is an elasticated waist. Gathered so it’s hard to tell if your waist seam is crooked.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to me when I finished my version of
the skirt that apart from number 3 I had failed to incorporate in the skirt any of the features that made me love the pattern.

When it came to chosing the material I chose this raw silk effect that I’d found last year in the remnant basket at Mo’s. It was cheap because it had a huge stain down one side. I’d cut this off and used some of it to make little “dolly bags” as christmas presents but was left with a piece 44 inches by just under 1 metre. So of course my seam was not selvage to selvage but selvage to jaggedy edge…so I did a french seam (yes I am obsessed).

Then after sewing the elastic casing for the waist I went to my stash for a ribbon and didn’t like any of the material/ribbon combos so ended up with a length of lace which didn’t really lend itself to the encased hem technique.

So here it is…Not the Lazy Days Skirt



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