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Walking in Warwickshire – Treasures in Kenilworth

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Having come to the conclusion on Friday night that Husband and I were in danger of turning into our sofas (aka becoming lard buckets) we decided that this year we should make an effort to get out and see more of this county where we had both, independently chosen to live in (Husband is from Staffordshire, I am from everywhere – at least that’s how it feels sometimes !).

We decided that whatever the weather as long as it wasn’t actively raining when we got up, that we would go for a walk. As an incentive we decided to use one of the 2 Treasure Map walks that Big Brother, Islay and family had give us at Christmas…it wasn’t raining on saturday…so off to Kenilworth we went

This Treasure Map present turned out to be a bloomin good choice of present. It kept us happily entertained for about 5 hours. It doesn’t take 5 hours to do but the route is well chosen and kept taking us to parts of the town we didn’t know about…so we kept taking detours. Had it been better weather we’d probably (being English Heritage ticket holders) have detoured round the castle as well.

Leaving it until now to do turned out to be a good idea too as not only is the weather marginally better than Christmas but since Christmas Spider’s reading ability has just taken off, so he was very happy being in charge of the map and reading out the clues and directions…I was allowed to be in charge of the pencil.

Now as well as having a fantastic deli, an award winning fish and chip shop, a wool shop (it has 2 wool shops it  seems but the smaller one has a public auction sign on it for 16th March) and an independent bookshop Kenilworth is blessed with about 10 charity shops and as a family we love mooching around old books.

In one of these shops I struck gold. I think I’ve mentioned before my Mum’s collection of Pins and Needles magazine (long gone and now sadly missed). I loved this magazine it had such a fabulous mix of textile arts (knitting, machine knitting, dressmaking, embroidery) plus the occasional recipe, hints and tips, no human interest or celebrity  stories (hurrah) unless they were related to craft (and then rarely).

Anyway there, hidden under a pile of knitting patterns in the Kenilworth Cats Protection League was  one, just one copy of Pins and Needles from February 1977…sod the map I had the prize…and just in time as the shop was closing.

In fact the whole of Kenilworth seemed to close at 5pm so we headed back to the car, via Waitrose which we discovered hidden in a backstreet where I discovered treasure number 2 as I treated myself to magazine called Making which may on first reading turn out to be the 21st century version of Pins and Needles…except I’m not sure I want to spent £4.99 to buy it on a regular basis…I also managed to persuade Spider that the Doctor Who comic was better value than the Ben 10(plastic trash) one…he wasn’t quite convinced but since I refused to lend him the money Ben 10 stayed on the shelf.

Sunday has dawned grey and miserable…drinking tea and resting my tired feet…looking at the housework…for every day of pleasure there is a day of duty…


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One thought on “Walking in Warwickshire – Treasures in Kenilworth

  1. Sounds heavenly for a day out.

    I’ve read a few of Making and it’s nice, but hasn’t grabbed me as much as I wanted it to. I’m keeping them for archive purposes because you never know 🙂

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