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This is likely to be a quiet week, if not a quiet month.  Aside from the f act we have our boundary dispute mediation on Thursday I am knitting away like fury as a number of work colleagues have taken VERS which either stands for voluntary early redundancy or voluntary early retirement.

Whatever you call it, their absences will be missed and I think work will be a poorer place for them going.  You can’t have so many experienced people going in one fell swoop without there being a knock on effect.

As good bye presents for my friends and colleagues I’m knitting Ishbel shawls which are usually very very quick but unfortunately being distracted over other things I am making so many mistakes I’m thinking of giving up and just buying boxes of chocolate.

Anyway, see you all this time next week when I will either be happy and finally after 3 years able to garden or very very depressed and facing some serious  financial decisions.


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Retiring

  1. We’ve got a VS scheme on the go in our place too, so hearing you in FM on that one.

    Got my fingers crossed for you on Thursday. It’s St Patrick’s Day and my half birthday – good things must happen that day.


  2. Thank you lovely. We had a retirement today…one I didn’t even know about. One of my Ishbels (retirement 25th) has gone badly wrong…so I am killing the feeling with red wine…

    Thank you double for good wishes for the 17th. Am hoping luck of the irish is with me as my solicitor and good friend Richard is as Irish as I am but has a surname that proves it and not just a middle name (I am siobhan and I think what is now about 12% irish…I am in fact more irish than welsh despite the surname !)

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