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Well it’s over…pretty much. I can’t talk about it yet as there are some things to do before the matter is finally settled.

The truth is no one wins in a boundary dispute except the lawyers and when you have a mediated settlement then it is a compromise and each party gets the best result they can hope to get without going to court. There are no winners, there are no losers…and the lawyers ALWAYS get paid.

Half the time that’s what it comes down to, costs. In county court litigation except small claims you can’t afford to have points of principle because there is always the risk of having to pay the other sides costs if you lose. Pretty much you end up doing a financial calculation on how much it will cost you to keep arguing.

Husband is unhappy. He thinks we lost. No, if we had lost we would have had to pay her legal costs.

Admittedly it doesn’t make a lot of difference to our neighbour. You see most legal expense insurers won’t cover a boundary dispute. Unfortunately she had LEI from one of the organisations that do cover it…ours wouldn’t…so we haven’t paid her legal costs (we will be paying ours for the rest of the next 12 months). But she isn’t out of pocket.

She has lost in another way though… it may take her awhile to realise it…and it’s not the sort of thing you can litigate over or put a monetary value on….and no, I don’t intend to explain it here…and no it’s not a threat or anything like that…but there is an equilibrium to life and if you upset it then life always finds a way to readdress the balance.


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