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FO: Fish Scale socks

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Back back back in the early months of 2009 when I took up my needles again I came across a pair of socks so beautiful that it made me want to learn to knit socks…but I feared that I would give up whilst learning before I got good enough to knit these…


They were finished in January but this week has been the first good week for photographs this year and even then outside.

The socks turned out to be easier than expected and I had no choice, the yarn told me that they wanted to be these socks and they do look like fishscales with all those greens and blues…the socks were not without problems though as in the run up to christmas I put them to one side and when I came back not only had I forgotten where I was but the kitten had bit the yarn in half.

The first sock therefore has been knitted 1.5 times but on the restart the pair were knitted in just over 10 days

pattern: Pomatomus

needles: 2.5mm

yarn: Regia 4ply kafe Fassett

new: nothing now…bit of pooling on the sock where I had to rejoin the yarn due to kitty nibbling

Am happy with my spring like feet…although they have knitted up baggier than I like but I’ve taken the lesson on board and the February socks have been altered to fit better.


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Cake Baker

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