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So there I am, sitting in an open plan office at sometime after lunch and the phone goes…2 rings which means it’s an outside call…it’s not my Mum and not recruitment consultants who for some reason have started calling again (do they know something I don’t ?)…it’s someone doing research for the Law Society and would I mind answering questions.

Well it’s a slow afternoon so I say yes.

Well things were going OK, the man on the other end of the line was beginning to get the idea that if you ask an in house governmentesque lawyer questions about marketing most of the answers will be “don’t know, have never thought about it”. Anyway, we get to the last few questions, the monitoring section of the interview and I find myself stumped by the question “how would you describe your sexual orientation”.

Now I am starting to get a bit annoyed generally with this section of questionnaires – it started when I had to fill out one relating to questions to my 6 year old son, then the recent census when the section for marital status was longer than most of the other questions and I have a vague feeling that again when answering questions on line about Spider I was suppose to explain his marital status ( at 6 years old !).

So back to the market research…

I’m there in an open plan office. In a room full of lawyers. Working for an organisation that is very very into the concept of diversity…and my mind goes blank for the usual terms to describe ones sexual orientation. How do I describe what I am in a way that will not offend anyone else in the room. What is the current PC term for me ?

“er, I’m married”

“that could mean anything”

“I’m married and it’s not a civil partnership”

“oh right ok I know”

Later I realised I should probably have said “I have a 6 year old son and I am married to the father of my child”

By the way he said right I suspect he ticked lesbian

Now I don’t really care one way or the other but I would really really really like a box on monitoring forms that said “none of your damn business” because I somehow doubt that it’s really assisting the Law Society in getting a grip on how lawyers use the internet to market themselves to know their sexual orientation !


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Cake Baker

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