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Away with the Fairies at the bottom of the garden


It may seem that I’ve been missing in action this last week, the truth is I’ve had my head down knitting the last of the retirement presents and knitting a fairy…and for such a small thing this fairy has taken a hell of a lot of knitting.

To try and meet my deadlines I’ve taken to going to work by train again discovering in the process that me and lace knitting on a train don’t get on I spent more time knitting backwards than I did forwards.

Then what happens ? The sun starts to shine…the sun I’ve been longing for all  winter comes out right when I have more deadlines than I know what to do with…and I can’t ignore the sun. We don’t see it much , in fact last year I don’t remember seeing it at all.

So the last weekend and today I made the most of the fact that I can now garden (boundary dispute being resolved) and have spent the daylight hours cutting, digging, mowing and shifting rubbish to the tip…you would have thought that having had 3 years to think about it my head would be chock full of garden plans but to be honest aside from clearing the building rubble I haven’t got a clue !

No doubt come monday there will be another email from my solicitor. You see last week after we tidied up The Witch of Itch complained to her solicitors that she thought our works (removing builder rubble) encroached on her land… like to see her complain about me mowing the lawn…that woman really knows how to squeeze all the joy and happiness out of life

I may have been spending money in John Lewis and Mo’s in Rugby to cheer myself up…if it rains at easter I sew, it it doesn’t I garden.


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

4 thoughts on “Away with the Fairies at the bottom of the garden

  1. Oooh your neighbour! (Ours, we think discovered our common rat problem recently, we heard screaming and what sounded like an entire kitchen cabinet worth of pots and pans being thrown in their kitchen).

    Fingers crossed for some sun (although I have lots of sewing to).

  2. Ahhh, glad it’s not just you suffering now…thought your husbands selfish midnight trip to the middle of nowhere cured it though…obviously not…

    Can recommend cats…have recently found a dead mouse and a dead shrew under the fridge and the “heirloom” ( victorian chest of drawers too big and heavy to go anywhere else but the kitchen)

  3. ‘Witch of Itch’ – love it!

    I think I need to plan further afield for my next Brownie pack holiday…..the Witch would love those girls 😉

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