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A ritual

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I don’t remember many childhood Easters at home Usually we travelled to either Nottingham or Blackburn to see my Nana or Grandma…I have more memories of Blackburn at Easter perhaps because it was often the warmer place to be when Easter was early.

Good Friday was often the travel day, we’d leave early, really early, in the dark. By 7am it was time to stop for a break. This was when Mum would provide buttered homemade hot cross buns which would be eaten in a layby the sun would be starting to shine with that early morning golden sunshine, there would be a light mist rising off the grass and it would be cold.

The buns were always accompanied by what I remember to be a mug of tea from a flask, only it can’t have been as tea doesn’t travel well in a thermos so it must have been coffee. We’d hold the mug as long as possible to keep our hands warm…

This morning at 7am the house is quiet and I am eating buttered hot cross buns (made by Mum) and drinking tea and thinking how strange it is to have bluebells out at easter instead of daffodils.


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One thought on “A ritual

  1. In Blackburn there would be the Easter pot fair and visits to all the relatives.
    In Nottingham, in later years I would take mum to the Easter Sunday service.
    It was coffee in the flask..
    Happy days.

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