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FO: Secret Society Socks

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Apologies for the lack of posts of late, have been having technical difficulties which hopefully will now be sorted out. Also my photographic issues may be over as lovely Husband gave me a new point and shoot digital for my birthday so no more struggling to get the SLR to focus in poor light.

Anyway, Note to Self…never, I mean never never ever again permit yourself to knit something in grey wool during the month of February. There is nothing more gloomy than knitting away when skies are grey when the wool on your needles is as dark as the sky.

Pattern: Masonic Lodge Socks

Yarn: Regia 4ply

Needles: 2.5mm dpns

New my first time altering a sock pattern to fit. I fiddled around with the patterns so that I could take some of the stitches out. This pattern is really for larger more masculine feet than my dainty tootsies so I changed the rib pattern at the rear of the sock.

The pattern is mainly rib with a hidden cable that really springs into life when you put them on.  The socks are still a bit big but the socks have rapidly become my favourite gardening socks…not good in hiking boots(still walking warwickshire)  though as they are too loose and cause chafing of boots.

I didn’t buy this yarn with the intention of making grey socks. It was originally intended for Ishbel and the Ishbel hat but when I pulled the yarn out to use I realised that after 3 in a row I couldn’t face another Ishbel. This pattern seemed to want to be grey and turned out to be a lot easier and quicker than I thought it would be.


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