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FO: The on time purse

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This is my attempt at a present for my goddaughter Cookie. I had been avoiding her since Christmas as the bag I made her was causing creative headaches. Then 2 days before her birthday her Mum KTCupcakes phoned up and said “do you and Spider fancy coming to a party. Oh and can you make a cake. Harry Potter theme would be appreciated”  (Eeek !).

The cake itself caused a major headache, went drastically wrong (when I do a decorated cake I usually spend several weeks thinking about how it’s put together) but the day was fortunately saved by my wonderful Mum (made a  substitute cake, took the icing off the cake, reused it and made a witches hat and a broomstick to go with it)

Whilst making the cake I also had the problem of not having a present organised. Fortunately I had spent several evening studying this pattern and had a purse frame (free with a knitting magazine) and also had no choice. I had a party to go to and as godmother I couldn’t turn up without a present.

It is a really easy pattern to use. The most difficult bit is adding the glue round the frame and admittedly I did have a bit of a problem with excess glue on the lining.

So I turned up with cake. With a birthday present and christmas present for Cookie…Result : One happy 9 year old who didn’t seem to realise I’d made the bag or the purse…but as is always the way was more happy to receive the Monsoon and Claire’s voucher.


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