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From WIP and UFO to FO

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My biggest UFO is my garden. My garden is a disgrace. I know this as one of the neighbours told me this in a note through the letterbox in response to the polite note (it was 7am in the morning I wasn’t going to go round there to complain) I left on her windscreen asking her not to park on the right of way.

Since then I have ignored the garden…because it annoys her and I have a stubborn streak which when really pushed makes me stick 2 fingers up at the world…when pushed I am the sort of person who will go left because I’ve been told to go right

However the state of my garden is upsetting to me. Fortunately I have a front garden and 2 back gardens (it’s divided by a right of way) and the rear back garden can only be seen by the neighbours from their upstairs windows.  I started my garden make over  where it’s more likely to make me happy and less likely to please the neighbours.

So I started my garden renovations by taking a pick axe to the decking and within 10 minutes had measured my length on the floor after a bit of decking I was pushing against with the pick axe suddenly “gave”…resulting in a bruised and cut shin, the biggest bruise on my thigh I’ve ever had and a swollen and misshapen ring finger leading to me being unable to wear my wedding ring for a week – something that feels really strange as it’s the longest I’ve been without my wedding ring since Spider was born.

The other result was that I have been unable to knit. I have been unable to knit all week. I have been unable to knit this whole week that I have been on my own whilst my husband is at the Le Mans 24 hours watching cars go round and round for decades on end…

There are 2 possible outcomes to this. The first that I may have spent the last 7 days drinking myself into oblivion. The second that I may have finally got my backside into gear and finished off some of the things languishing in my “in tray”…

At this point I should really show you some photos to prove that I chose the latter route rather than the former but it’s been like a winters day here today – great for the garden but not good for taking photos….still haven’t put buttons on either coraline or manu but if I can finish the fairy this week I may be able to cast on a new jumper.

And the garden ? Well I’ve repotted all the plants by the back door, redistributed about a third of the mound of soil where my lawn used to be and made a start on taking the asbestos to the tip… oh and I covered my front garden in wild flower seeds.


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