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FO: Learning curve socks (March)

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You may have noticed that there have been slightly more socks on here than you would expect from a non-sock knitter.  This is because I’ve had a change of heart. 

Socks it would seem are:
a) a small, cheap portable way of practicing  or learning new skills and techniques
b) the only way I can guarantee that I knit something for me as I have no intention of knitting them for anyone else.

(Also I have a small box of sock yarn under the bed mainly purchased when I’ve spotted it on sale and aside from shawlettes I can’t think of anything else to use it for…)

So I’ve been challenging myself to a little game called “a pair of socks a month”. The rules are that I pull out 100g of yarn and find a pattern that suits the yarn . I then have a calander month to knit the socks (it’s not an original idea)…

The more observant readers will now have worked out that I should have managed to knit 5.5 pairs of socks since January but only 2 pairs have so far materialised…that was March’s fault…and I’ve been too embarrassed to write about them…until now…I think I need to write it all out and purge myself…and then I need to sort the socks out.

So after the greyness of February I decided I needed colour, lots of colour and I cheated and made sure I pulled out a variegated red/yellow/orange mix…I decided on Firestarter purely on the name but quickly changed my mind as I think that would look better with a solid yarn…also the red/yellow/orange mix turned out to have pink/blue/green mixed in with it which I had managed to ignore when I bought the yarn (£1.50 per ball House of Fraser  sale because it had lost it’s ball band)…I believe the term to describe this is “clown vomit”…it truly is hideous

A sensible person would have stopped at this point. If you don’t like the yarn you shouldn’t try knitting with it, it will not improve things, really it won’t !

Being half way through the month already I wanted something plain but challenging. The Toe-up formula has a couple of challenging techniques in it but the lengths and maths are all worked out for you by the spreadsheet…then all you have to do is knit round and around and around…unfortunately the spreadsheet can’t do everything for you…and it can’t compensate for human error and silly people who forget their tape measures…

Bah ! Who needs a tape measure ? If you are knitting for yourself then all you have to do is measure the growing sock against your foot. Right ? Well it would have worked if I hadn’t been on a train for most of the knitting of sock number 2 and discovered that I was too embarrassed to measure sock against foot whilst in public…some things are best kept private…my feet being one of these things…

Anyway…here is the sock in it’s full embarrassing glory. Sock number 1 is the right length but I cast off too early and too tightly…Sock number 2 has a sole that is half the length again of the other one…

Details are:

Yarn: Regia some form of sock yarn in the clown vomit colourway

Needles: 2.5mm dpns

pattern: Toe up sock formula from knitty

New:crochet cast on, wrap and turning on a sock toe and then using the same technique for the heel – all of these mastered, got the T-shirt etc just messed up with the measuring !

I still haven’t made up my mind whether I frog the whole thing and start again with a pattern that might just about work with the yarn…or whether I correct my errors and keep them as gardening socks…

Confession over. Normal service can now resume…so next up the April sock which isn’t a sock…


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