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I love the smell of persil in the morning…

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Did you know that the french for parsley is persil ? That and other things  I discovered in my french/english dictionary kept me awake for the 5 or so years they made me study french…I just about got french O level…but then my first time in France I ordered a coffee and they gave me tea (stupid english girl, don’t know what she’s saying, she obviously wants a drink with breakfast, she’s english, it must be tea)…anyway haven’t bothered since…we’re off to france/germany/belgium etc shortly I probably will stick to smiling and pointing…

I digress. The house smells of washing powder. It’s not persil as I’m feeling cheap and buying own brands. But I am smiling as I survey the washing because it’s not the usual school uniform and sheets and usual boring duty stuff.

My house is full of material. Pre-washed material hanging up to dry.

I got in the habit awhile ago of washing all fabric I bought so that when I wanted to sew I was ready to go…only I haven’t been feeling the sewing vibe recently. partly because I accidentally sent the bobbin case to cumbria (long story) but mostly because I lost confidence(again)…so I’m back on the “teach myself” and not minding the c*ck ups.

C*ck up number 1… a fetching little white daisy print on red appears now to be pink daisys…guess that’ll be the “muslin” for the next whatever…good thing it was only £3.50 per metre !


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