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FO: Purple Passion (May)

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This is the easiest post at the moment to make…life is rather stressful so not keen on talking about anything more than surface deep…besides have suffered a break to yet another camera so anything after June 9th can’t be photographed.

Knitting  at the moment for friends turning 40 this year. I needed 4ply purple wool in various shades so actually bought some wool which needed me to knit some socks so that I had left overs to knit hair for the fairy


I turned 40 in May and there is  a poem about when I am old I will wear purple…well I’m not waiting that long I want to wear it now. Anyway I’m happy with these I like purple.

Pattern Vanilla socks (see knitmore girls podcast)

New:  making a yarn match up. went a bit wrong on the toe but the heel is pretty good match for identical socks


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Cake Baker

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