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FO: Not quite a pretty petals bag


Sometime ago I decided that as part of  learning to sew I would work my way through all the “Beginners” projects in the various sewing magazines I have lying around the house…

…however I don’t really have the need for a hairband or a fabric necklace or a doorstop…or a fabric envelope…so I’ve been trying the “intermediate” instead.

What I  mostly learned was how to rescue projects when the projects go skewey because the instructions in the magazines are incorrect. Most of the time it doesn’t matter but I am a bit annoyed with this one.

Pattern: Pretty Petals Bag from Sew Hip 24

Material: Cotton print which seems to be based on the Alexander Henry Skulls and Roses pattern but much much cheaper…the original bag is a very girlie pink with flowers and the recipient…isn’t…

Lesson learned from this project was that if when you trace the project from the pattern in the magazine and it looks suspiciously smaller than the picture in the magazine then trust your instinct and don’t accept the statement that 1.5cm seam allowance IS included in the pattern.

Unfortunately I didn’t realise this until after I’d cut the material by which point it was too late…searching the internet I discovered that for once this was not my fault, everyone who has done this pattern complained about the same thing.

The bag was due to delivery in April…fear of installing the zip in the accompanying purse meant it didn’t get completed until this week…and because there is a sewn in ribbon with a loop in the lining of the bag that the purse (which has a lobster clasp on a ribbon sewn into one of the sides) is attached to I couldn’t not make the purse.

Apart from the size and the fact the purse is a little lopsided this one worked out quite well.  I finally feel as if I am getting somewhere with the sewing machine but I need to up my FO count and try to get something sewing finished each week…it is just so easy to go back to my craft comfort zone (knitting) and  pretend I don’t have boxes of material under the bed.

Likes: the lobster clasp fastner holding purse to bag, the blood red lining, the way the interlining makes the handles seem so crisp, the gentle puffiness of the bag.

Dislikes: it’s so small ! Wouldn’t matter if this was for my 9 year old goddaughter Cookie but this is for her 40 year old Mum KTCupcake 😦


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

4 thoughts on “FO: Not quite a pretty petals bag

  1. It looks great and is great. Every woman needs a small bag sometimes so don’t worry about it being too small, I love it.

  2. It looks lovely!

    And I’m with you on wanting to get your sewing count up, at the end of last year I made a conscious decision that if I was going to buy material, it would have to be a) something I loved and b) in large enough quantities to make something with, principally clothes, so since then I’ve been collecting an over flowing shelf of beautiful fabric between 2 – 3m long and have done absolutely nothing with them. So after my success this weekend I am aiming to get something done and finished at least once every two weeks, I should stop myself buying fabric in the mean time but I just can’t help myself!

  3. I wasn’t too impressed about the pattern sizing mistake either, although I REALLY should have known better after spending a year doing my SEW Hip! Challenge (doh!)

    I think you did a fanatstic job on the bag!!


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