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Just sew something

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At school they taught “textiles”…what this really seemed to mean was that they instilled within each of us the impression that sewing was something that took a long time…it seemed that the setting everything up and then packing everything away took so much time that there was only about 10 minutes sewing time and the simple task of making a tea cosy (quilted !!!) took about 10 weeks.

Later when I tried it away from school I discovered that you could make things  in the space of an hour what had previously taken all term…much later when I had a house full of cats and boys I discovered that something that should take you an hour can take you 6 months !

In this house before I can cut material out I have to clean the kitchen floor…much as I hate getting the mop and bucket out, I refuse to let this get in the way…I WILL SEW !!!


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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  1. Einstein called it Relativity!

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