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It’s curtains for spider

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About 2 years ago I bought some material to make curtains for Spider’s room…it’s still sitting there. If I don’t make the curtains in the next month or so then there will be no point, he will be heading off into being just that little bit too old for cartoon-ish dinosaurs.

I’ve been putting off making the curtains on the grounds I need lining material…this is just my usual procrastination and fear of screwing up…

Anyway I can’t put it off any longer as whilst I was on holiday I ran out of excuses. I wasn’t sure what was going on in the shop but I knew they were selling material. It was a whole shop full of pre-cut lengths of material with price tickets on. I think it was off cuts from clothing manufacturers as whilst mooching around the shop I recognised a stretch orange/terracotta material that about 10 years ago was the material for a bridesmaids dress I bought in Monsoon…

After some uhmming and ahhing I spent about 34 euros on 3 lengths, about 8 metres of material in all which was cheap enough I guess but when I got to the check out they knocked 50% off the ticket price…

So for about £5 total I scored 3 metres of 240cm cotton sheeting in a lime green colour…

…guess I’d better clean that kitchen floor again and get cutting

note: whilst I was on holiday Mum and the Flapjack Queen came round and tidied the downstairs of my house (love you Mum !) including cleaning the floor…we’ve been back 60 hours…it needs doing again !


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One thought on “It’s curtains for spider

  1. Good luck with the curtains, I need to make curtains for the kids room to, have been meaning to for years, as the current blind they have up is disgusting. I have a new deadline though, as the disgusting blind will have to come down when the windows are replaced in early September and I do not want to have to put the disgusting blind back up afterwards.

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