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I have a day off today. The idea is (or was) to spend time with my boy and to do things together…I promised myself that I wouldn’t knit or sew or noodle around on the internet during the day, instead it would be 100% 1:1 time between Mother and Son.

Reality as usual was nowhere near the plan…at least not to begin with as Spider didn’t want to spend time with me, he was having much more fun with the TV (My own fault, I let him watch TV whilst eating breakfast so that I can have tea and toast in peace…).

Eventually I crowbarred him away and we settled down to make and do…Spider made a toy gun decorated with glitter and green sequins (!) and I tidied up the make and do box.

and then he went back to the TV… hmmm Mummy and Spider time is not as easy as I thought…

Fortunately, no one can resist the “Power of the Gloop”… have you ever tried this ? This stuff is cool…unfortunately it is very messy (should have done it before I cleaned the kitchen floor not after) and I have no idea what to do with it now…


Take 2 cups of corn flour, add a few drops of green food colouring and slowly add 1 cup of water whilst mixing with your hands…

Result: one solid liquid which you can squeeze into a ball and then slowly watch it liquefy in your hands and drip back down into the bowl…

OK I’m probably not giving it a good write up but trust me this stuff is fun, it’s like slime but not so sticky, it’s cool and damp to the touch but not wet and leaves your hands feeling smooth.

We also managed to fit in a hydropower demonstration and some paper aeroplanes plus some dedicated pizza making

(and I sneaked in a clean floor (again), ironing some material (whilst ironing karate suit for this evening) and tracing a dress pattern out from Sew Hip…well Spider wasn’t exactly sticking to the spending time together rules so I figured sneaking in some prep for other things wasn’t exactly cheating).


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