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The owner of this blog has been reported Missing In Action…she was last seen about 2 weeks ago as she headed downstairs muttering something about “time to sort out the lego…”

During the day sighs of exasperation were heard as lego was sorted and organised…the last reported words were a desperate plea “I need help” as she enlisted the male members of the household into the rebuilding project…

The men of the household (OK Man) have been drowning in a sea of lego ever since but are believed to be finally reaching the  shallows and can feel the ocean bottom under the waves of plastic bricks..

…of the blog owner there is as yet, no sign

In a recent interview the Man of the household stated that he thought he saw her on friday night disappearing into the garden but had heard no more after a skip was delivered to the front of the house…

If we have any more news we will bring it to you, but viewers, the outlook is bleak…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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