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Accepting my failings



My Mum can’t understand why I am so reluctant to make myself something. “But you don’t need to learn how to sew, you can sew already, some of your bags are lovely !”

The problem is that I don’t share my Mum’s confidence in me and that is the heart of the  problem. I lack confidence in my abilities.

So I thought I’d go on a course and relearn the basics…but when checking out the price of basic sewing courses or one day “sew a skirt” tutorials I found myself reluctant to part with cash because  I’d much rather spend it on material…which would admittedly just then sit in a corner because I am too scared of cutting into it and making a mess of things…

I needed to do something drastic to break the cycle…I did something drastic…it wasn’t cheap…but it was sooooooooooo good !

You may have gathered from the fact that the first thing I ever really sewed was a ball gown, that I like a challenge. Also the way my mind works is that to get confident in my abilities I have to tackle and master something hard…the flaw in this thinking is that I could make a horrible mess of things and be even less confident than before….but I only thought of that AFTER I’d spent the money 😦

So I booked myself on an introduction to corsetry course from Sew Curvy.  It was run by the lovely lovely Julia who was so kind and approachable and explained everything really clearly and made me feel as if I was capable…even though clearly compared with everyone else I wasn’t…

I was definitely lacking in skills compared to my classmates  but everyone was so nice and easy to talk to that I felt I may have done some learning from simply being with more competent people…

And you know what ? I didn’t make a mess of things. OK so my eyelets are decidedly wonky and I haven’t finished yet, but I’m getting there…and yes it does resemble an underbust corset…if you squint at it from the side…

I would thoroughly recommend this course. It was fantastic. Julia took us slowly step by step through each stage and explained why the techniques were used and what alternative materials worked and what didn’t.

I personally found it quite intensive though as it is 4 sessions of 3 hours spread out over 2 days and since I don’t usually sew for more than 2 hours at a time to concentrate for 6 hours each day was very very tiring. But then I am very much an amateur with stamina issues anyway.

Unfortunately sewing is not just about confidence,  regular practice helps too…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Corsets

  1. Well done you, its great to meet like minded people and enjoy yourself.

  2. Yay, sounds excellent!

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