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The big difference between myself and my other course mates (who were all so much better than me) was that they all seemed to be sewing on a regular basis. Despite being more experienced, most of us were making single layer corsets  (I had brought some fabric for the top layer but I chickened out of doing the extra steps).

There was K-Janome who had spent the last 5 years studying various textile related college courses. K was accompanied that day by her machine Panthanope Jane who was unhappy about being parted from her “sister” a dedicated embroidery machine (I forget her name) Panthanope came with her own travelling trolley with JANOME stenciled on top. L -Janome was also studying textiles and hoped to make a corset as part of her college course.

G-mystery machine, an ex teacher and now brewery owner showed us how much easier and quicker it was to insert eyelets with a fabric punch. G had been sewing regularly since she was a child. S-Toyota also endorsed the fabric punch. She makes her own costumes for historical reenactments. We all fell in love with the purple bats on S’s corset especially when it turned out they glowed in the dark…

K-Brother made soft furnishings but was hoping to make a corset as part of making her own wedding dress. She saved me from making a terrible mess of things by pointing out that I didn’t need to fiddle with my machine to sort out an unexpected tension issue on one seam but that it was due to the table being so bouncy and all I needed to do was go slowly. K-Brother’s creation really popped being orange silk over black base.

F-Hrsquvana had made corsets before and was on the course to attempt a slightly more elaborate longer corset. F is Australian and had brought her machine over with her from Australia.

Finally there was Freya (Bernina) who made a stunning corset overlaid with a white ripple organza. Freya has a blog (and therefore probably won’t mind if I use her name since she has an on line presence) from where I have shamelessly nicked my idea for a challenge.

Last September Freya was discussing the fact that sewing is more popular in the States than it is in the UK and that they have a national sewing month and wouldn’t it be nice to have an International Sewing month.

So in honour of this suggestion I have decided to sew something daily…I’m not capable due to time constraints of making 30 separate things in a month but I am going to try and spend at least 2 hours a day “just sew(ing) something”

Got off to a good start as I had a day off on the 1st September to spend with Spider . I have actually almost finished something (and had fun with my boy)…except I spent from 5pm-9.30 on an emergency rescue mission helping my parents neighbours move house…I am completely shattered today as a result and may fail my challenge only 1 day in…oh well at least I made 1 thing !

So Day 1, sewed, day 2, collapsed on the sofa…


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2 thoughts on “Just Sew Something

  1. Hello!! I’m so glad I came across your blog! I had no idea that K-Janome had such a fancy name for her machine – Makes my ‘Bernie’ Bernina sound a bit dull! 🙂 And I had no idea the bats glowed in the dark – brilliant!

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t sew that regularly! It might seem like it but I have a great habit of starting something and then not finishing it! I wish I could sew more but life just has that habit of always getting in the way of best laid plans!

    It was lovely to meet you and I can’t wait to see finished pictures of your corset!

    • It was lovely to meet you too, so nice to meet a blog owner in person. My corset will probably be finished by end of September (fingers crossed)…trying to stop myself starting another before I finish this one !

      I think machines name themselves, if yours told you it was Bernie then Bernie’s the right name…no idea why but my Brother (PS31) is called Gary…

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