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Concealed Zipper


On Sunday night I tried to install a concealed zipper.  My Mum had passed on to me a multi-machine concealed zipper foot…the sort that comes without instructions and you have to work out which bit goes where.

Once I’d dismantled part of my machine and attached the foot, I spent not an inconsiderable amount of time trying to work out which way up the zipper should be to be facing the right way, whilst at the same time having right sides of both layers of material facing each other. Then I pinned…and finally sewed…

It was not an unqualified success…in fact it was no success at all. The first time I sewed I discovered that I’d sewn the material too close to the teeth of the zip and it prevented the zip from zipping up…the second time round I sewed too far away from the teeth leaving wide expanses of tape showing making the zip anything but consealed…

On the third time of sewing I…stopped. I stopped because for once the seam allowance was only 5mm not 15mm and the edge of my material was becoming seriously frayed…time to walk away.

Monday night, having searched both the internet and Reading for a concealed zipper foot for a Brother I decided to give up and use a hook and eye instead. Next time I attempt this I will use not only the proper foot but stronger material, a bigger seam allowance and maybe some interfacing (as suggested in a tutorial I found whilst googling “concealed zipper”).

There is now a big gap at the back of the dress where the zip is meant to be…. So I’m now knitting a cardigan to go with the dress…I should point out that this extra work is not because I messed up installing the zip but because I dithered all summer about how to do it and now the summer is over…and well children grow…and this summer dress will be too small for FP next summer…but it would make a good party dress with a cardigan…

Lesson learned: Just do it !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Concealed Zipper

  1. Sorry the zipper foot wasn’t much good. The big gap might be improved by sewing a sort of flap onto one side and lapping it under the other side?

    • hey not your fault, if you hadn’t let me the multi tool I’d still be looking at the fabric and thinking of cutting. The gaps not that big, and it’s tidy…and she’d not going to wear it much the speed that young lady grows !

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