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FO: Tooth Fairy Pillow


When I started this blog I decided to be honest and document tragedy as well as triumph (because otherwise this would be a very quiet blog)…so skip to the end if you want to see photographic evidence of a sewing disaster…

Unfortunately about 6 weeks ago I gave in to temptation and bought Vintage Style for  Kids: Fiona Bell. I was first tempted in Waterstones but decided that no matter how much I needed cheering up £20 was too much for something which was biased so much towards patterns for girls. I later found reviews on Amazon complaining about vague instructions and “not a book for a beginner.

Then it was on offer in SEW magazine…I forgot to take the details down…but that same week checking on Amazon , found it at the same price as the SEW deal…but with free P&P…I weakened, I softened, I gave in and flexed the plastic…

It was then I realised that the girl patterns only went to age 8, whereas my 6 year old model is already wearing clothes for 9 year olds…I needed to move fast so I…well to be honest I put the book down and went to do something else as I was scared of buttonholes.

Then the start of school term made me pick the book up again and I realised that unless I get cracking I won’t have anyone to wear the girls clothes. So I’m working my way through the book, starting from the back.

The first issue I have with the pillow pattern is it’s quite big. I wanted something hand sized not head sized…so I knocked 5cm of each measurement…but then forgot to buy a narrower ribbon.

The second problem was that it recommended making it in your childs favourite material to make it even more special…Spider’s favourite material is anything fleecy and the fleece I have (IKEA blanket at £1) is a pain to sew…

The construction seemed a little complex to me. It would have been ok if I hadn’t been using fleece…so instead of turning 5mm under and top sewing I just did a normal seam with wrong sides together and turned it inside out.

The next step is to stuff it. I didn’t discover I’d overstuffed it until I sewed the ribbon on. The ribbon is sewed around the edge and the corners mitred whilst both edges of the ribbon are sewed down (sewing through 3 layers of fabric)…oh and did I mention the ribbon I’d chosen (bought from a scrapbooking shop) turned out to have a wire through the edge….oops.

So anyway, the cushion is a bit of a cock up and not made according to instructions – it is more of an homage to the pattern in the book.

I suspect this is my fault not the books…but its a good “Ground zero”. This is how bad my sewing can be:According to the book this is meant to be one of the easier patterns. So anyway, I’m working my way through the book and will try this one again when I get to the end. Hopefully not only will my sewing have improved but Spider hopefully won’t lose any more teeth in the meantime !


Author: 5currantbuns

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2 thoughts on “FO: Tooth Fairy Pillow

  1. It looks fine! Fleece sounds a nightmare to work with!

  2. I love you !!!… actually feeling a bit better today about things. Mum pointed out that the ribbon in the picture in the book is crumpled like mine…besides I now have more serious problems with the book 😦

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