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FO: World cup hats

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The rugby world cup started on friday night…it can be easy sometimes to forget when you have just stumbled through an english summer (such as it is) that other parts of the world may be just coming out of winter.

It was a casual conversation with a colleague M about the fact  the earthquake had meant that some of the England games had been relocated from Christchurch to Dunedin which was “so much further south then ?” , “er yes…and much colder” “That’s a point, they were reporting snow in Wellington the other day”.

Not wishing my colleague to catch her death (despite her being an England supporter) I knitted her a hat
(Spider looking far too cute in Robins Egg)

Then was afraid she might not like it so made her another(Husband in Ysolda Teague’s Cairn)

Still a bit concerned she might not like the hats I made a third…all in the space of 2 weeks(Spider in Lina)

I needn’t have worried, she was delighted and ended up taking both Lina and Robin’s Egg and only left Cairn as it had increased in size after being washed…Husband liked it.

(However I may go back to only making things for people who drop strong hints…less chance of having ones feelings hurt)

Oh, and Wales lost to South Africa earlier today…


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