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FO: New term, new bag

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At the end of the summer term I decided it was about time that Spider had a gym bag…6 weeks off ? Plenty of time…there was a pattern in Vintage Style for Kids: Fiona Bell for a laundry bag, that would do. I then put the book down and skipped out to enjoy the sunshine…

It was with a sense of shock on the 1st September that I realised the summer was over and school was back the following week.  Who had stolen my summer ?

At that point I picked up VSfK and read the pattern…hmm that was a lot of material…hmm again, that sure was a complicated method of making a sack like bag with a draw string and I’ve got less than a week, I’m busy at the weekend and I’m working every day between now and the start of term…

If I’d followed the pattern then this would have been the first item I made out of VSfK but I chose to make an oversized marble bag instead and use a nametape instead of appliqued letters… I’ll make the bag again properly another time.

It’s nothing special but it’s distinctive…and Spider likes it (would have preferred Star Wars or Dr Who, but this’ll do)


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

One thought on “FO: New term, new bag

  1. I agree with you on summer being stolen! It seems like school starts earlier every year here! In California it started August 15th. It felt like we were just getting started and it was time to go back to the routine again.
    I like the bag! What matters is, your son likes it! Very cute!

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