Being Frank…

Accepting my failings



At the weekend I moved out…to my parents…but only temporarily…(and Mum and Dad only live 5 minutes round the corner)

You see I had an attack of space invaders…originally it was going to be the Photographer, his friend Dan, 2 dutch photographers and the Teenager. As it was the dutch gentlemen didn’t come but the boys that were there (apart from Spider) range from 5ft 9 – 6ft 5 and the house isn’t that big.

So me, various bags of works in progress, my sewing box and my sewing machine and knitting all moved out to the otherside of the village.

Did I get a lot done ? Er…no…but I have some good excuses…and I did tidy me up which was at least something…

With Mum’s help I finally plucked up the courage to cut out Spider’s curtains but Hitch#1  the needle seemed too far over to the left of the plate and despite concentrated studying of the manual we couldn’t work out why.

So I decided to stick the first of the VSfK patterns together with the aim to cut the girls PJ’s out at the very least. Hitch#2 the reviews on Amazon warned that the patterns had errors and might not be right and were difficult to stick together, so bearing that in mind and the fact I had to increase the lengths slightly (because my 6 year old model wears age 9 clothes and the biggest size was 7-8) I took a tape measure to all the pattern pieces… the PJ bottoms were titchy, they wouldn’t even have fitted a 5 year old…same problem for the boys PJ’s.

That pretty much was it for the weekend. I gave up on making anything and went off with my Mum to have fun shoping at The Bramblepatch (quilt shop near Daventry)…we did…it was not cheap…but oh it was good (Michael Miller £6 per metre…in a boy pattern !!!!)

So now…with the perspective of just under a week I’ve solved Hitch#1 but that was because I hit Hitch#3. Hitch 1 turned out to be that the stitch length dial had been turned to the max (never expected it to be the length dial).

Hitch#2 has been rationalised. Flapjack Princess came round with her Mum yesterday and I took the opportunity to measure her…I think all the other pattern pieces will fit, it’s just the PJ bottoms that are too small…so I’m just going to adapt the bottoms from another pattern.

So what was Hitch#3 ? Well the little divert on the top of the machine that channels the cotton when you need to wind the bobbin on has moved, and then the screw fell into the machine. I just couldn’t work out all the bits I needed to unscrew to take the machine cover off. Fortunately the screw  came out when I turned the machine upside down…However I can’t get the divert back into the machine and screw it in place unless I can get the cover off 😦  I can still sew…but only until I run out of what is currently on the bobbin…

Nothing for it I guess… It’s time to take the machine to see the professionals.


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “Hitch

  1. If I remember rightly you can just push the diverter back in place. Mine worked without the screw . Pull out the wheel at the side to stop theneedle going up and down.

  2. I just have to say how fun it is reading your Blog. I am from California, (in the U.S.) and our “English” is so different from yours. We call our Mum’s “Mom”, and when you said “the divert on top of the machine that channels the cotton” threw me for a minute. I finally converted it to “California English” to mean: The guide on top of the machine that the thread goes through”. Thanks so much for sharing your trials and issues along with your triumphs! Every day after I take my granddaughter to school I get my coffee and sit down to catch up on all the blogs I follow. Yours always makes me giggle. Thank you!

  3. Why thank you…what a lovely comment. Actually the us/uk english in this post is not actually that different. I only called it a divert because I couldn’t think what the widgets proper name was…the way you describe it sounds much better and is way more accurate…

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