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When Gary met Gary


Until last monday I had only shared the name of my machine with one person (and it wasn’t my Mum) but last monday I casually mentioned (I still don’t know why) in an email to a sewing  machine repair shop that my Brother (PS31) was called Gary.

Why Gary ? Sorry, can’t tell you that my Mum reads this blog !

Anyway I was surprised and delighted to get a message back from the shop telling me that if I brought it in during opening hours then their Gary would take good care of my Gary…

 I wasn’t so delighted to discover the price for a service and minor repair (and later when I went to the shop I discovered a second hand Brother of similar age and capacity for £3 more than the price of a service)

But I decided to go for it…because it was still cheaper than buying a new replacement or a better quality second hand…except…except there is a hitch…Hitch#4 ?

Gary (the human one) thought that something may have sheared off…which would mean an extra £20 for a replacement plastic cover…at which point the already dodgy  economics of a repair fall apart completely…

So I’m waiting for monday and a call after Gary has taken Gary’s cover off and knows exactly what the problem is…at which point I will know whether I am paying a service price, a service price with a permanent epoxy resin fix or…or I spend several months  pleading to my Mum for a go on her machine whilst I save up for a new one…

Keep your fingers crossed for me !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “When Gary met Gary

  1. Oh dear!

    I think mine may need a service to, although if it were to break beyond repair I wouldn’t be too gutted . . . after using the lovely computerised ones they have at the Clothkits workshops that are so much more quieter than mine and *ahhhh* have an automatic button hole function (I am rubbish at button holes), I’ve wanted one ever since and have been looking for an excuse , but although they’re not horrendously more expensive than some sewing machines, they still cost a bit. So me and my temperamental old girl (oh she’s definitely female and if she stroke her and talk nicely to her, I swear she won’t throw havoc with her tension issues) will struggle on for a few years yet (fingers crossed really, although my new job does offer bonuses . . . )

  2. oh for quiet machine, Gary is so noisy if you go to quick…but there is a lot to say for a machine you know… which reminds me, how are you getting on with the overlocker…?

  3. I’d swear I’d do more sewing with a quiet machine, as I feel a bit guilty living in a block of flats using my machine sometimes (although then again if upstairs have been particularly noisy then I stick my foot down on that sewing machine pedal with far more relish).

    (My overlocker is still sitting very nicely in its box thank you lol)

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