Being Frank…

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Ups and Downs


(I posted this last week but for some reason it didn’t show up here)
Last Thursday as I drove into work I felt low…and I didn’t know why.  I was alone in the office which didn’t help, but then it was head down and hard concentration on a particular issue that had been stressing me out (I’m rewriting a training manual for a very niche area of the law) so then I didn’t notice the lack of people or being low…

I did notice the lifting of my mode however the moment I pressed “send” and the hardest chapter went out for consultation…

…but before I could do the happy dance around the office (hell, there have to be some advantages to being on your own) my phone rang…it was the lovely man in Banbury telling me I could have Gary my sewing machine back…

 Joy oh joy, I scarpered off to Banbury and a happy reunion…

Later though back at my parents to collect Spider whilst I outlined to Mum my plans for fun with Gary I suddenly realised that the vision had gone in the lower half of my left eye…boy was I scared…Dad quickly diagnosed a migraine, dosed me up and made me lie down until things were back to normal…

At home I discovered a letter from the solicitors waiting for me, the neighbour was still arguing about the work to the boundary…but wait, what was this, a letter from the building society confirming our fixed rate mortgage was coming to an end and that we would be put on a variable of 2% above Base…perhaps the day was going to end on a high after all…

 This week has continued in much the same vein, I’ve been up one moment and down the next…

I’m hoping next week will be better as now pretty much all of the manual is out for comment

 So now I’m off to make cake and to dream of a back garden for Spider to play in.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and make the most of this unseasonably warmth


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

4 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. My husband has migraines like that. Fingers crossed that now you’ve got your training manual pretty much finished the stress will ease off a bit and I hope your past week has been a lot better.

    I’ve had an up and down week to and it sucks, the up was finally getting to see a copy of Hoopla, something I’ve been waiting for so long now (and superstitiously I would not believe I was actually in it until I saw for myself that I was in it), I’d been soooo excited about finally getting to see the book but this last couple of weeks has also been a fortnight of health dramas and they’ve been squishing miserably all over the Hoopla excitement unfortunately.

  2. So impressed to know you are in print, keep hugging that happy thought close to your body…hope the health issues sort themselves out and don’t drag you down too much

  3. Hurrah for Gary’s return! And I join you in dreaming of a garden, but I think cake is often a good response when feeling like life is giving with one hand & taking with the other. Hope the migraines are truly infrequent.

  4. We have cake…oooh do we have cake, ginger with lemon icing (from the birthday cake book)…and so much easier than creating garden…although I now am heading towards that…took this weekend off though…I did nothing…really nothing…and I don’t feel guilty…
    Thank you for your thoughts on the migraines

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