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At the end of August I looked out of the window and decided…that I’d had enough…so I ordered a skip.

After about a day and a half of hard graft my garden looked like thisDoesn’t look like much huh ? I probably should have taken a before picture back in June, back before I destroyed the decking that formed the end of the garden…oh well, I promise you I did work hard…wanna see my skip ?2 days before this picture was taken that skip was empty…and it was mostly me (with some kind assistance from Flapjack Queen) who filled it up…

Then at the begining of October Wingnut and Captain Paranoia came to call…and pretty much we had the garden “nailed” by the end of Saturday afternoon…

Having decided that the weather was too good to spend all the time working, we took Sunday off and Wingnut threw me off a bridge (geocaching)…

There’s another weekends work of digging it over, (still recovering last weekend) removing stones (paying Spider £1 a bucket of stones)flattening it etc before I can lay some Turf…Husband has promised to build a new base for the shed, install a back fence and I have plans to turn some of the decking into raised beds…but I think I can now see the light…

Anyway, that is pretty much why there has been no crafting happening on this blog of late


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