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FO: Curtains


Note to self: next time you make curtains, photograph  them before you hang them up… once hanging  there is a lack of light to take a picture…

At least that’s the case if you deliberately use thick lining to stop it being light to quickly in a small boys bedroom… ha,  Spider thought I was being nice and making him a special pair of curtains just for him…no, that’s just the additional advantages, really I just want to keep it dark in his bedroom so that I get a lie in at the weekend.

Apologies for photograph, state of my boys bedroom and the dirty windows

Pattern: Made it up from studying every pair of curtains in the house, talking to my Mum, reading a few books and trying to remember what I did last time…

Material : Can’t remember but it came from John Lewis in the sale for £6 per metre, the lining was bought in a discount shop in Brussels, 3 metres green sheeting for absolute peanuts

New: Nothing really, no new skills just reawakening what I’ve done before…oh and I recycled some curtain weights, and the curtain tape was recycled, not recommended as it was all crinkly and difficult to sew straight.

Didn’t really want the sewing line of the hem to show but I messed up attaching the lining up and it was different lengths on the left hand side to the right…

Spider is happy…and wants me to find a way of hanging his old curtains under his bed so he has a den under his bed…

This is the main item of my sewing everyday in September challenge…unfortunately not having a sewing machine for part of the month killed off the challenge.


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “FO: Curtains

  1. Lovely! (I still haven’t sewn my curtains)

  2. Den curtains – screw in a few cuphooks and run a net curtain wire along and sew a few of the old fashioned brass rings to the old curtains- that way you can draw them aside as required.

  3. love these! – I’ve had great fabric adventures in Belgium, lovely 70s bird curtains for 10 euros, unbelievable.

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