Being Frank…

Accepting my failings

I used to…


Wear perfume…

In fact I don’t think I realised I’d stopped, until on Sunday when the car was filled with this strange aroma, in the back of the car was the Teenager…it wasn’t his feet but his girlfriend…it’s not that she was bathed in it, because she wasn’t, she just smelled nice…and I didn’t, I know I didn’t because Spider told me so, she smelled nice, I just didn’t smell of anything…guess that’s a bit better than smelling bad !

So why did I stop ? After all you don’t need skill to put perfume on, it doesn’t take time to apply…and it makes me feel better so why don’t I do it ?

Maybe I need to start…except perfume goes off doesn’t it…and my bottle has been untouched for 5 years…and I can’t even remember what it is…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “I used to…

  1. I stopped wearing perfume (not that I wore it that much before) when I became a mum, I believed that you shouldn’t wear perfumed products because the baby wouldn’t be able pick up your smell so well. No idea if that’s true or not but obviously I can wear perfume now . . . just got out of the habit.

    • You know I think that may also be the reason I stopped wearing it because I felt is was important my boy got used to how I smell…and when he had trouble sleeping as a toddler I would give him my jumper/fleece…(which is probably why he has a fleece addiction now)…and then I just got out of the habit 😦

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