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The Leftover Roast Potato in the Fridge Syndrome


(Admittedly in this house a cold roast potato would not be the best example  of this syndrome as cold roast potatoes are rarely left in the fridge for long…)

You know what it’s like you have left over food, you put it in the fridge to be used later, you have good intentions but you don’t use it up at the start of the week and by the end of the week you are reluctant to open the fridge as you know the leftovers are still there staring out at you accusingly…

My WIPs have been like that of late. The guilt of not finishing things has been crippling me…I don’t want to work on the WIPs as they have been there so long that all love for them has gone, but because I know I should be finishing them I don’t start anything new…instead I do nothing…

This week I have been feeling rather low and blue. November and February are the worst for this as the colours are drained out of the world and the sky is just grey…so there I was feeling sorry for myself then the postman came to my rescue.

I ordered the Colette Sewing Handbook back in August and for some reason, at the same moment it was announced as being out in America, Amazon emailed to say they could no longer get hold of it and cancelled my order ! So in a fit of pique I ordered from who although couldn’t get it to me until the end of November  could still get it to me before UK Amazon who emailed me 2 days after my US order to say they could now get it again…but not until December…

I felt low…I needed cheering up, a month is a longtime to wait , so I ordered Sewing for Boys. On Thursday it arrived (hurrah !) and I curled up on the sofa on Saturday morning to plan…but what was this ? A knock on the door from the postman with another parcel…and this one from America (double hurrah !)

BUT of course I’ve been unable to settle down and enjoy them because of all those unwelcome ghosts of  projects past (and not complete)… so I’ve been having a weekend of tidying up, finishing things and parceling things up… a bit of clearing the decks.

Hopefully it will boost my mood and a bit of forced finishing might make me feel “unbocked” and a bit more “creative”…also since some of these unfinished things are 40th birthday presents it might also put smiles on other faces before their next birthdays come round !

(Some of the unfinished objects involve Vintage Style for Kids projects…which I’m begining to think I need to intersperse with other things as making the paper patterns up is challenging in itself…)


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “The Leftover Roast Potato in the Fridge Syndrome

  1. I’m always ok with November, as the change in weather is still new but I am so with you there for February, I hate it.

    I’ve been tempted by Sewing for Boys, so I’ll be interested to see how you get on with it. The Colette book looks good to, I hadn’t seen that one before.

  2. I have both those books but have only sewn out of Sewing For Boys. It’s just easier to make things that don’t have to fit me. The easy linen shirt is super fun and you feel very smart after finishing it.

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